Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Trip to the British Museum

It was about Romans and Egyptians and about African dancers and columns. Really big stuff. We saw a big totem pole and we took a big group photograph in front of  a horse and rider on horseback.
We had lunch there at the museum.


What did we see there? I liked the British Museum because we saw nice stuff there. We saw Egyptian mummies, and coffins where they buried their people, Nigerian coffins like a camera coffin where a cameraman was buried from Nigeria from Lagos.

We saw Greek baths and we saw Greek people and Greek goddesses and the after that a crystal something  a crystal skull from somewhere in America that came down to Rome. Then we went to the New Zealand rugs, we went to the Australian things where people get buried, far away in Australia. Its far away in Australia where Howard is near Sydney Harbour where they have the Tasmanian devil. We did see one country in Australia it wasnt Sydney , it was hot, it was called Tasmania.

I dont think we would have seen the Russian war but we might see a marking of Australia. We saw a global globe that shows parts of Australia and parts of the world where a mother had a baby and the baby got married and had kids, and he was feeding his kid in  restaurant. And they had Indian mixed seeds like a hot curry, turmeric darling, and they had like a mild curry that came from Asia, that he fed his baby. And then when the baby was a man he went up to heaven and died and lived in heaven after he died and they had a big house but they had an Indian god. And ladies wore saries in India .

And then we went to Papua New Guinea where people mourn the loss of death , when they lose somebody. And a skull that came from Turkey somewhere somewhere. And a lion that lost its head. An Egyptian lion.

Sword fights people fighting with swords and also the roof was like not Italian, what was it? English- our time now. But we didnt see any Romans did we?


We saw  statues,  masks on the face  Some had wings on their shoulder. We got on  the bus , the 68 bus.  We drove to see the birds. We sat inside and saw the red horse.  We ate sandwiches and drank water. A good day. 

Ufoma goes to the museum
The  building doesn't fall down. Bricks. It can  not hurt you.  Nigerian dance . Animals. Lovely.  Baskets. 
Make some bones
I had lunch there  a sandwich.

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