Monday, 20 October 2014

The Velodrome

We had a good time riding the bikes at the Velodrome.

We all had a nice time.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and we will go back there again.

We must go on loads of trips to places that we have never been before.

That purple bike I liked cos it was very colourful.

 There were loads of bikes there.

I liked that small red bike that I was riding. It was red.

We were singing songs while riding the bike- like good songs, we were singing opera.

And I'm not saying nothing. I give up you cheeky wotsit. I'm not saying nothing else. I enjoyed myself.

Are you happy now? And that's it - all complete.


The Big Crash- we'll  call it The Big Crash. We were on the videos going fast - its called Whacky Races - Dastardly and Dutley.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Danny Lucas' s drawing with multiple pens

Daniel's Birthday Party

 It is a nice birthday party

 Cocktail sticks with cheese and pineapple on.

And we had cake didn't we?
What cake was that one?
That was a cream cake.
Pink cream cake.
With apples in it and lots of things in it.
And Edward had a sugary doughnut.
And I had a chocolate one with chocolate pieces in it.
 Sing Happy Birthday Daniel!


Happy Birthday Daniel Reid!

 Daniel likes his presents. Daniel is smiling  .
We had a good party - it was a good party had by all.

Katie's works

This is the part of the scene where I'm chatting to my friend Billy, my neighbour and my brother came in with my niece saying she's got tonsilitis. I was telling him I don't want her here because I'm vulnerable to get it. So I told him he'd have to go home or find other arrangements for her. 

In the bath scene with my brother, I told him there was a hoist, but he didn't listen. He picked me up and hurt his back and then I was stuck in the bath, cold and miserable. He said he was going to get my neighbour. I told  him to go and get my notebook, with all the numbers for social services in it.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Ed's Birthday Poem for Daniel

Daniel I like your smile,
And its been a while,
Since you smiled with a grin.
And I'll go with the flow for Daniel Reid.
And I'll do a little dance for Daniel Reid.

Tonight Matthew I'm going to do:
'I had a dream for Daniel Reid' by ABBA.

And starring of the wonder
with October as an orange pumpkin
especially for you and Halloween, Daniel.
Pumpkins growing in a scary city for you, Daniel,
When its getting dark dark at 4.30 for you, Danny Reid.

And its cool baby, cool.
And I have a dream about you every night,
'Cause you're a cool cool guy!
I dreamt I saw you in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Daniel,
And I was running for a train last night,
in my dream, panicked, in Bluewater with Kamara.
I panicked a little bit as you came towards me,
When you put your arm around out to hug me.

Then I was dancing in my dream.
And I came to your house,
I flew to your house in my dream, Daniel.
And we were playing like nice games, happy ones,
We were swimming in the beach,
And I dreamt it was a hot summer day,
eating ice creams with you, Daniel Reid,
When we were in Brighton together.
Just from these memories!

You went to John Ruskin, Daniel,
And I went to Tuke.
So you never saw each other.
I came to John Ruskins
To watch a play with you in, Daniel.

And it was Grease.
And you were playing John G-Volta!

And we gotta make it snappy, Danny.
'Cause we've got some things to do,
To get ready for your birthday,
And spend the pennies and spend the pounds.

And that's it and happy birthday Danny Reid,
You cool funky guy!


Ed's model theatre, Flags, Collage and Raincoats

An apple pie birthday cake

 Daniel is drawing an apple pie birthday cake for tomorrow. It's like he is really enjoying it a lot. I can see he's done some really good art in there.

 He drawed it all by himself with no help from no-one. He has an apple pie. He has some candles and some drinks.

He is smiling.


A piece of good artwork from Susan

I like Susan's piece. It's very good. She's using crayons and she's making a collage.


Well its a piece of art innit?

This is my necklace that I have made all by myself with no help from no-one.

I like it very much. It looks like an artpiece.

I made Daniel a birthday card.

It's his birthday tomorrow. A happy celebration. I hope he gets loads of presents and cards with money inside- well you never know. He's going to get loads of games from his mum Sonia. Birthday cake and loads of drinks and crisps and biscuits. People have them at birthday parties - well you never know.
You're going to play some games, you might have a disco in here, you never know...
Sometimes you play silly games to make people laugh, make a puppet show.
(My head's did not put that did you??? How dare you put such things like that- troublemaker! cheesey wotsit! )

What do we do at 19Plus?
We do drawing we do art. I'm not saying no more. I give up. Thankyou. I'm going to move from the spot and you can't stop me!!


Sam's favourite things

The England flag is my favourite. I like white and red.

I like Danny Welbeck because he scores goals.
When I play for England I play striker.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blue Elephant Theatre

The Blue Elephant Theatre came today. They made a show for us.

The show was brilliant. 

Adele was  great in the show




John played by Eddy

He needs a hoist or he will hurt his back in the bathroom scene.

don't do that stop!
leave me alone!
clear off!
don't pull me!
too cold!
I said to him you vex me!

It was freezing in the bathroom
What are you doing???


I watched the show I spoke up what was wrong
Its ok we have chicken but no beer because you know I'm not feeling well.

Everyone enjoyed the show.

Daniel, Sam, Katie, Blue