Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Oh it's me! Holding it, sword. I enjoy it today. plant. Digging. Water Pouring. Cold water. Growing veg. Orange flowers. Feed the baby. Nice baby. I saw a cat as well. A lovely friendly cat. Flower grow bigger and bigger and bigger! Plant the seeds.  I enjoyed it, yeah. Hot sunny outside. Nice wind blow. Pick up some stick. Wind blow blow in the sky. Allotment. Stick. Use some drums and stick at the allotment, guitar at the allotment, piano at the allotment. Its nice though. I enjoyed the cat.  
by Ufoma. 

Amara and Gardening

Throw the leaves  into  the bin.
Cut the twigs cut the grass
pull up the weeds
dig the soil
dig  a hole
put a little plant in the hole
fill the hole with soil
and water
the plant will grow
Clear the garden
Use a spade to dig
Use a fork to dig
Use a trowel to dig  a small hole
Use a rake to rake up the leaves and make the soil smooth and tidy  
Use a hoe to break up the soil



Monday, 9 May 2016

A Beautiful Picture

This is a beautiful picture of me. I like it . I look very smiley. I like the glasses. I think it looks silly but I think they look nice.

the 19Plus allotment

This is our new allotment. It is just around the corner.

I got my jacket on there cos summer hasn't started yet . It was still spring. What am I growing? What flower is it called?  A cyclamen.

We had lunch at our allotment. I want to go there again.
Blue gave his drawings to the bee  keeper.  
We went out there  we went shopping we bought some food we bought some plants.  
We took the plant out of  the pot we put it in the soil we watered it. I liked it. There are cats over there. They went off. one jumped up by the water he drank it. We saw the cat look down on the soil.


Rob and I went to the veg shop called Oli's and we got everything ready to go , all the veg, and I call it Sunrise to Sunset Smoothie.
I tell you what kind of ingredients we used- carrots, strawberries, apples, and some few bananas as well and we made one special smoothie for Samuel D which was an orange smoothie.

 This is the net thing to protect the bees from stinging us. I spoke to the beekeeper , Adnan. I told Adnan he is a beekeeper in charge of the bees and today I got some drawings for him. He showed me the Queen Bee. She is a very famous bee the queen is. Today I drew the beehive, I drew the beekeeper and his protective bee suit.

Ula is a nice baby. We were shaking her hands. And we had lunch there at the allotment but there was a bit of sun , not too much sun. Cos it wasn't full summer. But today is now full summer. May is early summer. Spring finished last week. So spring has gone now cos all the flowers are growing for the summer. I'll bring my sun cream in tomorrow, we might go to the allotment if it doesn't rain. I will do my sundance to make it not rain.


This is Tris's baby. I like her.

I liked the digging, it was fun. I put loads of plants in the soil. I watered them to give them something to drink. we had something to eat there, we had a picnic it was really hot. We had some grapes. We didn't have the melon we forgot the knife. we kinda looked for it but we couldn't find it. We had some salad , I liked the rice and the chicken, it was really healthy. There was some shade just in case people get hot on their back. It was really hot there. I like it. I like it a lot. I liked the plot thing, and the plants. We saw some bees we saw some honey. We helped as a team I was really kind I was helpful to all the people specially you! I think that's it. I had enough. I like the shed I like the tools that we used. We used the gardening tools there was some digging, a spade, we used a watering can and then we went back to 19Plus. There was loads of stinging nettles so we had to be careful.