Monday, 29 September 2014

Trip to the National Theatre

We went to the National Theatre.
                We went in a lift. There was a carpet on the wall.

The National Theatre staff were-

 I am holding a prop animal bear.
that is the polar bear

Charlene is holding a big burger.
I am  wearing  a red costume coat.

I wore a redcoat like Norman Barrett the ringmaster.


Blue looked like a bullfighter.

Andy put on a blue and yellow coat.

This is a  picture  of us wearing costumes  each.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Transport Museum Trip

We went to the transport museum today



We have seen the Buses and trains from the past and future.
We have been following the map for the museum.
It was interesting we all enjoyed it.

I drove the bus

It was  brilliant.   I liked  the buses  and trains and trams and taxis. 


The museum is free!

Bulent, Blue and Daniel

Monday, 22 September 2014

Daniel's Birthday

its Daniel's birthday soon
he is going to have a party
at 19plus
we are going to buy some cake
apple  pie cake
get some crisps
put candles on the cake
going to sing happy birthday Daniel
birthday cards and presents.

September now
Next month October
Daniel's birthday 14th

Edward's Autumn Poem

All the leaves are falling off the trees,
As far as I can see,
What can I say,
when I looked at the star,
I gazed in amazement,
Tonight it'll be dark at 7 o'clock.
You experience it more,
Now you're 32.

On the 28th September,
Light at 6 o'clock,
He'll be in the bath,
In the morning,
Singing la-di-da-di-da,
Before he goes to church.
On the first of October,
It'll be dark at 4 o'clock.

Before he goes swimming,
On Thursday 2nd october,
You'll be singing
And on the Friday
He'll be singing
Before he goes to St Faiths.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Car Engine

The car engine drawing from memory by Bulent.

Southbank Centre Trip

We went to the southbank.

I am sliding down the slide holding hand rails.

Eddy likes coming down the slide

The love tunnel


Edward enjoyed going on the carousel

I loved it

I couldn't go on that could I? It looks too scarey - too way up high.

We could see all those people up there couldn't we?

 I did enjoy the day at the South Bank.
It was a good day had by all.
And I was happy about the day at the South Bank
And I said I'd like to go back there again.
But we did have a good day didn't we?
The sun was out and it was boiling hot.