Monday, 18 May 2015

The Quiet and Peaceful Room

 Charlene and Anna
 Ed, James and Tris
Susan, Tris, Ed

We got a new room at Cambridge House.
It is quiet.
I call it the Quiet and Peaceful Room.
After half term  we are going to paint and decorate it.

We want the room blue. Sometimes people can go in there to be quiet. If people are making a noise in the other room they can go in there to keep quiet.
The room is kinda good. I like that room. I like the room cos it is small. I like the view. I like seeing everything outside.  I like the buses and the cars going past. I done some good paintings today in the room.   

I like my paintings. I think they are good. I think they are awesome. I like the colour. I like everything that I done today. Especially my lovely paintings.
I like Eddy's laughing when he was in the other room. I don't know what he was laughing at- he was just doing silly things in the other room.
We had lunch in the café- Mary's café today. The sun has come out - lovely blue sky.
And that is it and I am saying no more! It's on the dot!
(My dear. And your dear very naughty cat. Your cat can be kinda naughty.)
And that is it.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here.

It's good. It's a nice room. I like that room. You can do more art in that room. And today I done a summer poem in that room. A picture of a diary. Of a calender and wrote lots of names down like Lady Muck Worthington Catch Muck.
(Summer Poem transcribed precisely as dictated by Ed)
I've got good niews for yiou, Oddwodd, said Oster.
She will arribe at about 6 o'clock because Kennedy told you.
I've got to be hiume at fiv o'clock.
It would really threw me aff to see Lady MuckWorthington.
I cannot come tonight cius I jiust gave birth to a biaby boy.
Go for Gold, Ben!
And hive a cup of tea before she ciumes.
She's not comong!
You'll probably be at Ninteen Plus MuckCattington!
Lady MuckWorthington is coming to Mundanuia to sae you. (See me ! not Sae me!)
Customs and Exhales.
I had bad news Oddwodd Thompson!
But how would I know that it's 10 o'clock?
Smellmae, to smell mae, to smell mae. To smell your what?
Is that you Chris Fiedorczuk? Don't be absurd!
She's there reight neow.
Jor-an Allan, your favourite housemate.
She wal be there!
It's unlikely and yiou know that

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Meet Finn the 19Plus Dog!

Finn is going to visit us at 19Plus every Tuesday afternoon. She is a working dog.

Finn is a lovely gentle Pet Therapy dog and is brought in by her owner Jo. 

It is great to watch each group member as they overcome their initial fears and learn to trust Finn. 

A Visit from a Dog

DANIEL has drawn a picture of the dog. 
I like Finn, said Daniel.
I like you, Finn.
You can come in today, Finn.
Finn you can stroke me, you don't bite.

You don't eat dog food, it will make you ill.
And that's it.



          at  his  workshop  oxford  plantation  road  51

Monday, 11 May 2015

Cycling Again

We have been going to the Herne Hill Velodrome for a few months now and have seen great improvements all round in co-ordination, concentration and self-confidence.

Andy has always been very nervous of all the cycles but gradually he is overcoming his fears and today he pushed a tricycle about and then eventually sat on it for a few seconds to huge applause from all the Velodrome workers. Andy was really pleased with himself.

We had a picnic in the park and then made some artwork about cycling at the Velodrome.
A Bicycle by Ufoma

Andy O

 Bicycle by  Ed
 Sam has drawn the rack of cycle helmets, the first aid box and tea making equipment at the Velodrome.

Singing 'You are my Sunshine' on a bicycle for two by Charlene.