Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Trip to the Serpentine Sachler Gallery

We went to a gallery. The Serpentine Sachler gallery .We took a cab there.  It was dark.

We went to a mirror room - looking at reflections of ourselves. 
Mirrors...Where are you?

So smashing. A great room. I liked the reflections. The mirrors were moving making us spin around.

We saw some nets with lights moving shining down the nets making a lovely pattern.

A room with punchbags. We punched a doctor a boxer and a colonel and an American guy with a hat and a midwife with a baby.


There were upside down glasses .

There were red balls on the wall.

And we saw some balls jumping around each other- - you pressed a button. 

There was darts. 180!!!!

We threw a ball at a target. 

And we saw a mirror that makes your head look bigger. And your whole body was moving.

There was a lovely shop where we looked around.

We stood next to a statue  and had lunch in the park.  We had sandwiches  and Danny's chocolate birthday cake.

We did some birds spotting. There were ducks in the pond.  I saw a heron and two Egyptian geese.

Ed, Blue, Sam and Dan

Monday, 2 February 2015

A Visit to the Natural History Museum


Where did we go first when we went to the museum?
When we went to the museum we went up on the escalator didn't we? and we went through the earth and I enjoyed the big earthquake in that big supermarket from Japan.

And we saw the earth moving around and it was very hot, when the earth was moving round and the whole atmosphere.

I read something on that stone- Tempus Fugit- when time stands still, time doesn't wait for no man, and you said when people have lots of time to do lots of things.

And you were talking about the solar system and the solar eclipse. I was talking about the equinox five times over. I was talking about the equinox for this year 2015. The equinox will be on the 29th March British Summer Time begins and the clocks will go one hour forward on the equinox. The equinox means when the days and nights are at the same length, they are equal length. Then it gets darker a little bit later 8 o'clock or 6 o'clock . It starts getting dark round about 6, 6.15 up to 8, up to 7.

I enjoyed the dinosaurs even the moving dinosaurs .

One talked to me. It said it wanted to eat me. It was a good day on January 26 in 2015 we went to the Natural History Museum.

And that's it. I enjoyed it and I was happy.


We went for my birthday trip.
My favourite bit was the earthquake underneath
our feet. We got to try to hold on.
I liked the birds room I saw a big ostrich.
I saw taps running - it  dripped on sand.

We saw a T Rex moving.

At the very start Tris helped me up the escalator to the earth. 

Blue at 19 plus