Monday, 29 February 2016

Cycling Trip

Cycling bikes. It has a cycle path right round the cycle track as near as possible. No bumps or any curves! I went on a go-cart first. Next I went on a chopper. And then I went on a tandem with you (Tris). And then at the very start Daniel was driving a go-cart round the edge of the track and bumped into me. Right into my legs! He said sorry, apologised. Near the cycle track there was my name on it. We saw a 'Blue's Cycle Shop' banner. And then we saw a second banner that said 'Rudy Rudy Rudy'. It has three words in it. And towards, near the velodrome, I spoke to Rob, we can make our own film. I can be a film director! Samuel D can be James Bond. Charlene can be Wendy in the film Hook. Ufoma can be in Charlie's Angels. Andy O can be Men in Black, 1 and 2! Andrew Cove can be Jim Carey in The Mask. Danny Lucas can be Larne in Trainspotting. 

I was really pleased to see Jane at the velodrome. I didn't see Matt or Gary there. We will try to see them next time, my lucky mates. Samuel D was riding a chopper, Andy O was riding a side-by-side bike, Charlene was riding a tricycle and a pushbike. 19plus group. We'll go again in a few Mondays. 

Me and Anna when we walked back to Herne Hill bus stop and straight back here. 


Stopping people come! Turn around and bike faster! Walk and ring the bell. Blue, Charlene and Daniel Reid, Andy O and Covey. Red bike. Bike forwards. Robin and Ufoma banged the wall! Daniel Reid stuck on his bike! Andrew Cove, sit down! Bike helmet on. Sunny day. Warmer with gloves. Warm hat. Wooley hat. Tris and Andrew bikes. Back on the bus to Cambridge House. 19plus. Walking slowly with Blue, talking with Rob about action! Anna and Sam got off the bus. Press button. Bus stopping. Open door. Closing door. Off the bus. Long time on the bike. 


Monday, 1 February 2016

Trip to the Imperial War Museum

We went to  the Imperial War museum. It has changed a lot.

We saw lots of things there. It was fun. We saw some pictures of people, we saw a horse, we saw a wreath, some medals. I liked the dolls' house it was interesting to look at. We saw some other furniture, and I had a good time. And I liked that lentil  soup, it was nice and I had some cheese sandwich and I had a cheese and pickle sandwich.


The museum was good. We saw some trenches from the Falklands War. We went into the trenches. We saw a soldier with blood on him. They had the trenches there before didn't they, and now they still have the trenches.  Last time we saw a pub,  that might have been a different museum. they didn't have a pub in this one. They had a pub house with pumps where you can get a drink of some beer. We saw some cannons on the way in, and we saw a bit of the Berlin wall,

We saw some rooms upstairs when we went in the lift, We went  to Floor 1 for the 1940's house, and I saw some breakfast that my nan would eat in the old days, it would be like muesli a bit. My nan wore some clothes in those days, in the old days we used to decorate the Christmas tree, that was a long time ago when my nan was born in my nan's house in Camberwell . She lived in an old modern house during the war, and my grandad Leonard fought in the war, and people had to be  evacuated from their houses, and my nan was evacuated from her house cos she met my grandad. Her name was Kathy Shay, she was a little girl, She went to school during the war. People used to get the cane when they were naughty.