Monday, 13 October 2014

Well its a piece of art innit?

This is my necklace that I have made all by myself with no help from no-one.

I like it very much. It looks like an artpiece.

I made Daniel a birthday card.

It's his birthday tomorrow. A happy celebration. I hope he gets loads of presents and cards with money inside- well you never know. He's going to get loads of games from his mum Sonia. Birthday cake and loads of drinks and crisps and biscuits. People have them at birthday parties - well you never know.
You're going to play some games, you might have a disco in here, you never know...
Sometimes you play silly games to make people laugh, make a puppet show.
(My head's did not put that did you??? How dare you put such things like that- troublemaker! cheesey wotsit! )

What do we do at 19Plus?
We do drawing we do art. I'm not saying no more. I give up. Thankyou. I'm going to move from the spot and you can't stop me!!


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