Monday, 13 October 2014

Ed's Birthday Poem for Daniel

Daniel I like your smile,
And its been a while,
Since you smiled with a grin.
And I'll go with the flow for Daniel Reid.
And I'll do a little dance for Daniel Reid.

Tonight Matthew I'm going to do:
'I had a dream for Daniel Reid' by ABBA.

And starring of the wonder
with October as an orange pumpkin
especially for you and Halloween, Daniel.
Pumpkins growing in a scary city for you, Daniel,
When its getting dark dark at 4.30 for you, Danny Reid.

And its cool baby, cool.
And I have a dream about you every night,
'Cause you're a cool cool guy!
I dreamt I saw you in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Daniel,
And I was running for a train last night,
in my dream, panicked, in Bluewater with Kamara.
I panicked a little bit as you came towards me,
When you put your arm around out to hug me.

Then I was dancing in my dream.
And I came to your house,
I flew to your house in my dream, Daniel.
And we were playing like nice games, happy ones,
We were swimming in the beach,
And I dreamt it was a hot summer day,
eating ice creams with you, Daniel Reid,
When we were in Brighton together.
Just from these memories!

You went to John Ruskin, Daniel,
And I went to Tuke.
So you never saw each other.
I came to John Ruskins
To watch a play with you in, Daniel.

And it was Grease.
And you were playing John G-Volta!

And we gotta make it snappy, Danny.
'Cause we've got some things to do,
To get ready for your birthday,
And spend the pennies and spend the pounds.

And that's it and happy birthday Danny Reid,
You cool funky guy!


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