Monday, 20 October 2014

The Velodrome

We had a good time riding the bikes at the Velodrome.

We all had a nice time.

We enjoyed ourselves very much and we will go back there again.

We must go on loads of trips to places that we have never been before.

That purple bike I liked cos it was very colourful.

 There were loads of bikes there.

I liked that small red bike that I was riding. It was red.

We were singing songs while riding the bike- like good songs, we were singing opera.

And I'm not saying nothing. I give up you cheeky wotsit. I'm not saying nothing else. I enjoyed myself.

Are you happy now? And that's it - all complete.


The Big Crash- we'll  call it The Big Crash. We were on the videos going fast - its called Whacky Races - Dastardly and Dutley.


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