Tuesday, 8 September 2015

19Plus visit the South London Gallery

We saw a fantastic installation by the artist Thomas Hirschhorn. Everything was made out of cardboard and sticky tape.

Look at those walls over there . look at the bricks over there. Look at the floor! Look at the bricks down there! Oh god! Look at that water over there ! Don't break things! It cost money! It's good yes look at the lines over there . look at that strange brown colour. It's messy. Daniel's got a jacket on.   Daniel has got a hat.

this is what we saw  at the exhibition. and it looks like a TV  looked like some beds and Edward said there was one that looked like the royal box and that one on the wall looks like a TV and old heaters going round the wall and that heater pipes the fan pipes hanging off the wall and all the tape making circles pictures of a lion's mane and the other boxes on the floor looked like sofa cushions and other small boxes on the floor  looked like celebrities sellotape and an old broken toilet on the floor with a smashed top and the flush broken and a crack in the toilet and an old wardrobe broken in bits . I enjoyed it and  there was things painted black just like my Fire of London in the summer fete after Wimbledon where I was the baker Posh Thompson .  it had an old radiator on top of the box  and there was an old office desk chair at the table  it looked like one of my sculptures.

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