Monday, 2 March 2015

A La Westminster Cathedral!

We walked under that bridge, passed through Camberwell New Road, catched our bus at the Oval. We got the 381 to Victoria and got off near Victoria Station and then we walked to the Cathedral.

We went up the stairs and opened the door and went inside and we saw a ceiling when we looked up with angels and wings and they were swimming and there was a god. And it was a picture of heaven. And I saw the font.

And I went downstairs into the basement and then we had lunch in the café in the basement. We went round the church afterwards and we saw some pictures of a man swimming and angels with wings and the candles. I lighted a candle for Gary so I can remember him, 'cause I miss him and its really sad.

And then on the way out we went to the gift shop and bought a postcard of the font. and then we opened the door again and went down the steps to catch the bus.

And we saw a picture of a priest a la Pope. And a picture of people praying and then we saw an old picture of an old pastor; "Le Pastoral". And le Pope Jean Paula. The Vicar's name was A la Reece someone. 


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