Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Trip to the Serpentine Sachler Gallery

We went to a gallery. The Serpentine Sachler gallery .We took a cab there.  It was dark.

We went to a mirror room - looking at reflections of ourselves. 
Mirrors...Where are you?

So smashing. A great room. I liked the reflections. The mirrors were moving making us spin around.

We saw some nets with lights moving shining down the nets making a lovely pattern.

A room with punchbags. We punched a doctor a boxer and a colonel and an American guy with a hat and a midwife with a baby.


There were upside down glasses .

There were red balls on the wall.

And we saw some balls jumping around each other- - you pressed a button. 

There was darts. 180!!!!

We threw a ball at a target. 

And we saw a mirror that makes your head look bigger. And your whole body was moving.

There was a lovely shop where we looked around.

We stood next to a statue  and had lunch in the park.  We had sandwiches  and Danny's chocolate birthday cake.

We did some birds spotting. There were ducks in the pond.  I saw a heron and two Egyptian geese.

Ed, Blue, Sam and Dan

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