Tuesday, 19 July 2016

19Plus Summer Fete

We held our summer fete at our allotment this year on a scorching hot day. There was a Fortune Teller, a Nail Bar, a Plant Quiz, an Arsenal football game, and a Wheel of Fortune where you could win a car. Ufoma served free ice lollies and iced drinks. Everyone received their special awards of achievement from celebrity guest  Maddy Hill. A beautiful day.

Ufoma receives her certificate of achievement from celebrity guest Maddy Hill. Ufoma won her award for "Superb Concentration in Collage Work"

I was a good fortune teller. It was good and we had a good time and I told Jess's fortune drawing around her hand. It was Edward Thompson the Posh Fortune Teller to the Stars and the World. I told Maddy Hill's fortuine she is going to be a traffic warden and fall in love with Masoud . And she is going to meet Ian's son Stephen and she is going to kiss Stephen and she is going to get a job as a window cleaner and I am going to get a job as a successful writer and I am going to get a paid job with Sian and its working on Sports Day with kids  with Glen and I am going to invite one friend for Sunday roast,  Jessica, and it is going to be chicken dinner. And I have a barbecue in my house.

The summer fete was good and I liked it.  Seeing Maddy Hill our mystery celebrity guest and it was at our allotment with banners, flag banners from all countries, England and Uk, and France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, and Japan, where Maddy Hill was going to ride an elephant, and I am going to have afternoon tea at Wimbledon with Sue Barker, I read on my palm . And Kennedy's future was looking brighter I could see right through Kennedy's eyes. Kennedy was driving through the Dartford Tunnel . I can tell my mum about it. I saw Kennedy's future the minute he came in to Mundania.

Blue is awarded a certificate for Excellence in Gardening.

Sam's award- for Bold and Colourful Painting.

Andy's award for Listening, Reading and Laughing!

Charlene received her award for Wild and Wonderful Experimental Painting.

The allotment in full bloom.

Daniel's award- for his Impressive Concentration Reading and Writing

I had a good time . Summer fete was good I like it there . Everyone sit down please you are going to get awards now. Eastenders come on down please Maddy Hill come on down please . Clapping did you enjoy it? Yes. I liked everything.

Andy O collects his award for his painting skills.

Party! show paper half term I won! I won I won! We are off next week. I won't be here. That's me That's me! That's Bulent that's Charlene that's Blue. Painting. Brush. I won a prize. Yeh! Tree allotment flower tree flower tree . Alfie Moon she left yesterday. haha.  We got a letter sorry I won't be here we go on holiday I will be on holiday next week.
Andy O

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