Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park

We went to see the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace park today.

Today we bought our dinosaur book with us. We can't go without it.

The dinosaurs were enormous , they are not real.

We went round the park on the other side. We saw a horse and a special kind of deer there. These are not real at all.

And then we went round a track round the area and we found a café there.
I had a really lovely day.

Before we went to the train station we went to a charity shop to look around. We saw some clothes what Dot Cotton would wear. And there was an old green jacket that Sue Barker wore when she was commentating for Wimbledon and I saw some Victorian earrings near the park.
And we got a magnetic dart board. Blue got it with some poker cards.

We saw some prehistoric dinosaurs when we got to the park. Nice dinosaurs. These dinosaurs weren't moving - one had his jaw open. One was like a crocodile.

 We walked over a bridge and saw a crocodile-dina.

We saw some pigs-  dinopigs.  Then we saw a dinomouse.

We saw some deers - Dinoreindeer that help  Santa Claus in Christmas time in Australia.

                                                                           Then we went to a cafe afterwards to have some
food to eat. We sat down in some chairs outside. It was a nice day - it was sunny. And we enjoyed it didn't we? We saw someone from Eastenders  down there . That girl had a baby didn't she? She played a teenage girl.


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